Healthstars is the most efficient health promotion platform for employees, club members and health-concious people.
HealthStars Ecosystem
Dein Waren und Dienstleistungspartner rund um das Thema Gesundheitsförderung
Our Partners
Becoming a member of the ecosystem
Creating a Cockpit
Managing Activities
Analysis And Evaluation
During registration, we review each ecosystem participant based on our defined quality criteria. Decisive for the evaluation are certifications, such as those issued by the Central Testing Office for Prevention (ZPP).
Automatically create health-promoting activities. Invite participats or start the regional marketing of health-promoting activities.

As an administrator, you obtain complete overview of all ongoing activities in real time and can reduce the administrative burden in just a few clicks
The analysis and evaluation of statistical parameters is necessary to increase readiness to participate. Keep track of all ongoing activities and their progress in real time.
User statistics and activity/marketplace management
Detailed statistics are being displayed in real time for HealthStars ecosystem partners.
• Monthly participation rate
• Booking frequencies of categories
• Amount of HealthPoints spent and generated profit
• Distribution of first-time participants, second participants or regular participants
Operational Health-Promotion With Healthstars
Receive professional support in implementing operational health promotion.
Evaluate statistics in real time with your own
company interface.
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